The Mayor of Lubuklinggau Invites to Use the Momentum of Eid al-Adha to Improve Himself

* Eid prayer according to the Health Protocol

Lubuklinggau City – South Sumatra ✓ 07/31/2020 ✓

The implementation of the Eid al-Adha Prayer 1441 H at the Great Mosque of As-Salam runs wisely and remains in accordance with health protocol procedures. Eid prayer was attended directly by the Mayor, H SN Prana Putra Sohe, Deputy Mayor H Sulaiman Kohar, Secretary HA Rahman Sani, DPRD Chairperson H Rodi Wijaya, Dandim 0406 Lieutenant Colonel Inf Aan Setiawan, Chairperson of the PKK TP, Hj Yetti Oktarina Prana, and Chair of GOW Hj Sri Haryati Sulaiman.

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