Indonesian Journalists Association South Sumatra Province cut 2 qurban cows

Palembang City – South Sumatra ✓ 01/08/2020 ✓

Indonesian Journalists Association South Sumatra Province, today Saturday, slaughtered 2 cows, which came from the Chairperson of South Sumatra PWI Firdaus Komar and his family as well as from the donation of the assistance of DPRI member, Alex Noerdin. The activity happened at South Sumatra PWI’s Office, Jalan Supeno NO 11 Talang Semut Palembang .

Beef cutting was carried out in the morning attended by the Chairperson of South Sumatra PWI, Firdaus Komar, Deputy Chairperson of Organization, Anwar Rasuwan as well as a number of management and hundreds of PWI members throughout South Sumatra as well as several senior journalists including Dulmukti jaya, Suparni, Helmi Marsindang, and Afdal Azmi Zambak.

The Chairperson of PWI, Firdaus Komar said, “Slaughtering of sacrificial animals at PWI Sumsel aims to not only establish friendship, but also to share  for PWI members and surrounding residents who are entitled in the PWI Sumsel environment.

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