ENKA Musi Rawas Canteen serves a special menu


Musi Rawas Regency – South Sumatra ✓ 04/08/2020 ✓

Hello all.
if you travel or are passing through Musi Rawas Regency, it is very disadvantage if you do not stop by the ENKA canteen.

A canteen serving hamlet plus cuisine will spoil our tongue. Some ENKA menus in ENKA include;

Breakfast Menu (prices in thousands of rupiah):
Siomay (10K)
Batagor (10K)
Mie Celor ENKA (10K)
Pempek (2K)
Black Rice Porridge (Burketit)
Green bean porridge (burkajo)
Orange ice (5K)
Coffee items (5K)
Fried Noodles (8K)
Various hot and cold drinks
Hot / cold cappuccino (5K)
Iced / Hot Lemon Tea
Rujak Buah (5K)

Lunch menu:
Baung Pindang Ikan (25K)
Klein Chicken (15K)
Bone Pindang
Green beans, eggplants, Sambal Blacan, tempeh tofu
Lalapan, and others.

The location of the ENKA Canteen is in the center of Musi Rawas Regency in the Agropolitan Ruko Muara Beliti Musi Rawas Regency, next to the Musi Rawas Bawaslu Office.

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