Regional Child Protection Commission holds socialization in Sukakarya sub-district

Musi Rawas Regency – South Sumatra ✓ 04/08/2020 ✓

The Chairman of the Covid Handling Task Force in the Sukakarya District of Musi Rawas District who is also the Sukakarya Sub-District Head.

Camat Sukakarya, M. Setiawan conveyed the readiness of what must be done related to education in the covid period.

1. Wash your hands

2. Soap / handsoap / hand sanitizer

3. The use of masks.

4. Body temperature measuring devices

September 14 plan will be conducted in a face-to-face school system so that good preparation is carried out in conducting teaching and learning activities.

The socialization activity was attended by all Elementary School Principals and Middle School Principals in Sukakarya District.

Regional and Middle School Coordinator, Muslim. Pak Muslim said that there are those who implement it as an online, offline and face-to-face system with covid 19 protocol.

For signals in Musi Rawas sub-district, it’s good, it’s just that it has a quota / credit. In addition there are also parents who do not have mobile phones with Android applications.

Ngimadudin, chairman of the commission on communication online, needs to pay attention to the readiness of parents and children in terms of having online tools, at least an android mobile phone.

That lately the impact of children with regard to the desires of an android mobile phone, so that doing negative things.

It is expected that we, parents and teachers must really pay attention to the pattern of education so that not only the knowledge we teach but also

A. Bastuni, Principal of Ciptodadi Middle School, problems with no cellphone, no signal, no quota. We have distributed masks to children, classes are made to keep a distance, wash hands. When talking in the field, children in terms of providing education are constrained by threats from parents and even the children themselves. Education is the biggest influence is drugs.

If the party is over at 12 pm, many will have a negative impact, so please take both prevention and action from related parties.

Harun, Principal of the Elementary School conveyed the request for patrols from the relevant offices to conduct raids so that our children can be kind.


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