The Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Bumi Silampari Lubuklinggau Islamic College Held Activities to Play Futsal with Students at STAI Bumi Silampari Lubuklinggau

  1. The Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Bumi Silampari Lubuklinggau Islamic College held activities to play futsal with students at STAI Bumi Silampari Lubuklinggau. It happened on Friday, November 21, 2020 aat Forza Field Lubuklinggau.

This activity was carried out by the Minister of Youth and Sports (MENPORA) Division. The Chief Minister, Agung Setiawan, said that this activity was very good and positive because with this activity we were not only able to get sweaty or healthy but also able to establish friendship between students at STAI-Bumi Silampari Lubuklinggau.

Alhamdulillah, those who attended the futsal routine were attended by, Siswanto as the president of BEM, secretary general of BEM, minister of home affairs, minister of foreign affairs, minister of sports and students of STAI-Bumi Silampari Lubuklinggau. Siswanto, Presma and accompanied by the Secretary General of BEM STAI-Bumi Silampari said that this activity was one of the work programs of BEM STAI-BS BERSINERGI for the 2020/2021 period.

“InsyaAllah, this monthly futsal routine activity, in the future, is not only for establishing friendship between STAI-Bumi SIlampari students, but also for establishing kinship with other Student Executive Board (BEM) in the city of Lubuklinggau. And later we from the Student Executive Board (BEM) STAI-Bumi Silampari will prepare players who have skills in playing futsal and we will make their own futsal time to be able to participate in tournaments in the city of Lubuklinggau” Siswanto said.

“A strong believer is better and more loved by Allah than a weak believer and both have goodness.” (Narrated by Muslim).

Reporter: Arta Sanjaya

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