Optimizing Ramadhan Services, DT Peduli Lubuklinggau Renovation of Parking Areas and Roads in Islamic Boarding Schools


Lubuklinggau – South Sumatra – Daarut Tauhid (DT) Cares Lubuklinggau continues to provide the best service for the community. This can be seen from the various programs it offers during this Ramadan 1442 H. One of them is the renovation of the parking area and roads. from two days ago until today Saturday 17 April 2021, DT Peduli has renovated the parking area and street of the Rahmatan Lil’alamin Mosque which is located in the Daarut Tauhid Integrated Islamic Boarding School / Waqf area, Rahma Village, Lubuklinggau Selatan I. Two days ahead, the parking area and the road can already be enjoyed. The hope is that this development can provide comfort for the community in visiting and worshiping.

Furthermore, Karsim Marta Kusuma Atmaja or more popularly known as Kang Asep, as the head of the Lubuklinggau branch of DT Peduli, when interviewed commented: “This development is not only aimed at arranging neatness in the pesantren environment, it is also intended to provide comfort for people in worship. “. He concluded.
Besides, Kang Asep also explained the clarity of the estimated funds to be used, and he also gave thanks and prayers for the donors. “This development fund takes the Waqf Fund for the construction of the Tiga Mihrob Mosque, namely the DT Lubuklinggau Mosque, the DT Batam Mosque, and the DT Serua Mosque. For a parking area size of 20 M (P) x 5 Man (L) and 58 M (P) x 5 roads. M (L). As for the estimated funds used up to Rp. 100,000,000. Finally, I would like to thank the donors, I hope this will become a Jariyyah charity. The lid.
With the construction of roads and parking areas at the location of the Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin mosque, of course, the congregation has received a lot of positive responses. One of them is Ms. Nurmala Sari or who is familiarly called Umi Sari, Owner of the Cordova Lubuklinggau Pharmacy, who also commented when interviewed via WhatsApp.

“Umi’s response personally. We must thank Allah for the blessing of this path. The Sharia through the donors Allah destined this path, hopefully, it will become an act of worship for those who live in it. Of course with the functioning of this road, it becomes a means that provides convenience and comfort for the wider community. to come and worship at the Rahmatan Lil Alaamiin Lubuklinggau mosque. For that, come on the spirit of “BUILDING GOOD” many of these pesantren locations, as a form of our gratitude for this grace “. The lid.

Reporter: Supardi Sauti

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